Saturday, July 16, 2011

winter blue

The cold of winter wrapped its arms, tight around my torso
a constant push pull of rain, sun, rain, rain, rain, wind, sun
exhausts the trees pre spring buds as they get knocked
off their life source. Where to for shelter? I am on a journey for warmth
This gas fire is no longer the warmth I do care for, it tires me.
From one window I see clear sky where a sun could sit
from another I see dense cloud where I know the sun is hidden.
Confused. I am to cold to move, yet to hot to breathe.
Exactly one and a half months and one day through winter.
Listen, I hear the birds chirping. I hear longing and craving in
their song for a warmth as they sing from the nests in struggle to
keep cosy their eggs. I want to bathe in the sun and get energy
from its golden rays. To rest in the stillness of a season.

im cold over here x i love you 

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