Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Breath and Beating

The air was too thick to breathe in as it stopped at the back of my mouth. Slowly, it seemed to bypass my lungs, and instead slide down my throat to sit in the bottom of my empty stomach. 

I tried to touch my surroundings, yet I could feel nothing of materiality any more. The physical world no longer felt tangible. (Besides it did not capture my interest)

Where was I suppose to begin? Winter itself had only just begun. The dense blanket of grey clouds was not helping me retain warmth, nor did it comfort the sound of my sigh. 

All the colours of the creation had merged into a murky hue, as I tried to unearth reason. For what I cherished was now not infront of me- yet I craved to nurture it. To feel again.

A lonely heart bet, quiet. Its rhythm traveling miles from here- as it searched for the sound of its other. .  b-b-bmm b-b-bmm b-b-bmm. 

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